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Buyers Agent

Our team can connect with you online and in person to keep you up to date with the most recent listings.  We will walk you through and give opinion on the property to help you make the best choice. After you select your property we help you shape your offer to get the most for your money while still getting the deal in place.  We have the tools to make your transaction completely paperless.  If you chose you can even sign the documents on your tablet or smartphone.


Once your offer has been accepted we are equipped with the most recent technology to make the paperwork east and painless as possible.

We keep you up to date with the progress of your deal and financing up until close. We will go over your closing documents, attend the closing to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.


Your supported every step of the way to make the complicated process smooth and simple for you.  Of cores for buyers there is never a fee.

Listing Agent

As your listing agency we will market your property for a quick sale, while still getting you the best price. We will list any type of property.

We will give you a complete Market analysis of your property and recommend a price.  We will go though and make any suggestions for staging and any improvements if any are needed.


We will take hi quality photographs of your property and list it electronically not only on the net but also in the internet sites.   We will place all yard signs and make flyers.


WJK Realty will only accept a fee if your property sells.  At closing and funding is when we are paid.  If you don’t sell we don’t collect.  No out of pocket expenses for our owners

Property Management

Professional Management To Meet Your Schedule And Budget

Our Priorities for your propety


1 Preserve the Value of your property

Through tenant screening good maintenance, and diligent upkeep we will make sure that your asset is protected and the value is maintained.


​​2 Get the highest and best use of your property

Through our advanced understanding of the volatile rental market we can get the highest rent while maintaining occupancy.  Our commission is based on what you make so it’s our best interest to get the most out of your rental property.


​​3 Accurate accounting and reporting

​We will make the monthly collections, process all and any payments and send you the rents without delay! Your will recieve a monthly statement that will include all expenses and rents collected.

Real Estate Investment

A great way to round out your portfolio is to add a real estate investment.  Our team are all not only agents but investors as well. We can show you the best moneymakers in commercial residential and multifamily so that you can make your money work for you.  You can get the best return on investment while taking all the tax advantages.  All of our agents can advise you how to get the best from your investment.

Finance Assistance

One of the most important aspects of buying a home is the financing.  We work with lenders to make sure that you can get pre-qualified to make your offer and get your final finance for your closing date.   We can work with your situation to get you the right loan to get you in the door and keep you financially stable in the future.


We also can assist you with the many programs that can help you with down payment and more.  Ask one of our agents’ what’s best to suit your needs.

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