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William Kourkounakis
Broker / Owner

I Believe in building wealth through cash flow IN Real Estate as the investment asset. Austin is one of the best Real estate markets on the continent. I arrived in Austin in April 1982, and started my Real Estate Career in April of !985.With the Bill Milburn Co. The Bulk of my current real estate history was with Keller Williams from 2002 thru 2009.Now I am the Broker of WJK Realty inc. and have a team of honest,intelligent and thoughtful agents. In plain English we care. Not only Am I highly experienced in buying, selling, and easing, residential real estate, I have over 16 years of experience managing income producing Real Estate. Our work is diligent and ethical. I have done land development, Build and flip's, build and keeps and build cash flow. I have done, and closed on commercial transactions. I have done selling and removing of mobile homes for land development!. I am a registered HUD foreclosure Broker,we can enter a HUD bid now!I love to discuss about investing in Real Estate.Lets discuss your plans.


Please contact me any time:


Phone: 512-554-5529

Fax: 512-795-8595






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