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Light steel construction is a building production system, where all the structural building elements are prefabricated from galvanized steel.

This building technique offers many advantages :

  • Almost all architectural designs can be met with this process

  • Buildings are more sturdy, durable, safe and long-lasting

  • It provides high heat, sound and water insulation 

  • It provides more efficient earthquake performances due to its flexibility and lightness

  • It is much more resistant to wind pressures

  • Galvanized steel is corrosion - resistant

  • Most elements are eco friendly and highly recyclable.

  • Construction period is much shorter thanks to its easy assembly

  • Construction site is much cleaner

  • It is cost effective

  • Prefabrication means fast yet faultless production.


Texas Law requires all real estate licensees to give the above information about brokerage services.


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